Friday, September 25, 2020

Thoughts on the 2021 BMW M3


Personal File: The new BMW M3 and M4 made waves this week and generated a ton of online discussion. The designs of the coupe and sedan are very similar up front with massive twin kidney grilles that wouldn't look out of place on big rig semi truck. Needless to say it's been designed to be polarizing. The sculpted hood wouldn't be too far off if Pontiac was still alive and kicking. From the front wheel arches back, everything diverges especially in the rear - where each car takes on it's own personality. The M3 carries the more traditional and classic BMW sedan design cues, while the M4 breaks new ground and perhaps losing some BMW-ness in the process.

Creative Brief: The goal of this chop was to take the excessively large kidney grilles and resize and reshape them down into more realistic proportions with the rest of the car. Then just a few bits to tidy up that will bring it all together.

Execution Highlights - Front Grille Comparison

BMW M3 Before
BMW M3 After
  • Decreased kidney grilles to better proportions
  • Lower air dam intake now goes across the entire front face
  • Retailored inner headlight housings on both sides
  • Color change and black hood stripes!

Final Thoughts: I'm very pleased with how the chop came together. The smaller kidney grilles helped the front end flow better and the horizontally connected lower grille grounds the vehicle and makes it look wider. What do you think? Did I make it better or worse?

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