About AR

Welcome to the automotive rendering blog of Nick Wilcox. I create custom photorealistic digital automotive renderings for news, entertainment and aftermarket industries.

I offer the following types of services:

  • Future vehicles from press photography (mid-cycle enhancements - MCEs, convertibles, coupes, wagons, high performance models, etc)
  • Future vehicles from spyshots (removing camouflage, body cladding, and/or any other non-production element, etc)
  • Customized/personalized vehicles (wheels, body-kits, spoilers, etc)
  • Vehicle Touch-ups (color altering, dent and scratch removal, adding/removing specific elements, etc)

I respond to all messages so please feel free to leave comments on my posts or contact me directly if you are interested in commissioning work (personal or commercial).

You can now also request a gig from my Fiverr.com account.

Thank you for visiting!

Nick Wilcox