Monday, October 12, 2020

Blog Updates - October

Blog Updates - October

Blog Update: Just finished fixing up all old blog posts that linked out to All article call-to-action urls have been deactivated and new urls point to the Wayback Machine. It's not perfect, but does provide a way to read the original article content. The only issues are dead image paths.

To remedy that I'm going to start going over each one of my older chops in new posts with a new version of the Before-and-After slider I customized from Beer Slider. I'll also talk in more detail about the creative briefs I was given from InsideLine and what interesting techniques I used on each chop. I hope this will be a fun way to highlight in greater detail many of my earlier works.

... and after many years of operating the blog, I finally bought a domain name for Hat tip to GoDaddy for the quick domain purchase and Blogger for making it extremely easy to hook everything together. The whole process was finished in a few hours with all prior blog links still backwards compatable.

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