Saturday, September 19, 2020

Blog Updates - September

Blog Updates - September

Blog Update: Welcome back to Automotive Renderings! It's been quite awhile: a busy family with two kids, my wife going back to work teaching, a demanding full time job, and many other less glamorous distractions. Before you know it, poof, six years go by! While I have continued to do one-off chops from time to time I never got around to keeping things fresh on the blog. This year though, in a post-covid world, I'm doing my best to get things back up and running again.

I've started a Fiverr account right after the Covid-19 lockdown, finally setup an Instagram account which I've really been enjoying. I've also found some sites of inspiration too:

  • a hilarious and fun FB photochopping group called Nose Swap Nation. The group of artists are talented and the posts not only make me laugh but they get my creative juices flowing.
  • I've also been hooked watching TheSketchMonkey on YouTube and while I don't always agree with his design choices I find his photochop work fresh and creative.

The blog itself needed a lot of TLC so I've been doing widget clean up, manual template adjusting, and working on better mobile support. The mobile view has always been a sore spot so I welcome any feedback on the adjustments so I can keep improving the experience.

Hopefully you recently saw a new post on a triptych of chops for the Nissan Z Proto. That was a lot of fun and totally spur of the moment. I plan to start showing some of the one-off works I've done over the past couple years as well very soon. I'm even mulling over creating a YouTube channel with perhaps some significant rebranding as well (developing an actual logo). Who knows maybe even creating some merch! Anyhoo ... welcome back to my blog and thank you for visiting.


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