Friday, June 17, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 Honda Accord - Update

Honda Accord Update
Personal File: Been a LONG while since I've posted - been really busy at work - but I wanted to put this chop together at the request of a commentor on the previous Accord post (thanks JustCorey!)

Having more time to think about the design of the Accord and after reviewing JustCorey's comments, I came back to this chop a second time. I've integrated an additional full light bar and turn markers across the trunk instead of a "reflector" stripe that is on the car now. I moved the license plate location down and added more brightwork into the rear end above the license place opening. Everything else I had already done from the last chop tied together nicely with these new updates.

I can't take all the credit however; most of this donor tail light came from the last-gen Honda Odyssey minivan and surprisingly fit the theme. With some modifications and a little bit of custom brushing, I feel this new chop shows more of what the Accord should have looked like with the established Honda DNA.

What do you think? What the Honda designers are doing now isn't working, so I hope they will seriously consider revamping the Accord sometime soon.

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  1. SOOOO much better - now if only Honda would pay attention..........

  2. As a long time Honda owner/fan - their current product offerings BLOW. It's so sad to think they had such potential and have now somehow lost their way.