Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts on the 2011 Honda Accord

2011 Honda Accord Rear
Personal File: Let me first preface my post in saying my thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese tsunami victims.

On to the post - I noticed the slight visual updates to the 2011 Honda Accord at the Chicago Auto Show and immediately noticed they added "retro" style tailights bars that go all the way across the trunk lid. This is obviously a nod to older Accord models, however I think adding this feature has made the rest of the existing tail light look sorely out of place.

So what is a guy like me to do? I went in and adjusted the outer tail light and the side beltine to better integrate the new retro tail light additions. To better show these adjustments, I've done something new and created an animated GIF. If you click the image above, you'll now see the changes in animated form.

What do you think - do these mods put the vehicle in better alignment and proportion or should they keep it as is?

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  1. Neither. If they truly wanted to pay homage to previous gen Accords that had the full light bar (86-93), they should have done a proper light bar that extended into the trunk instead of add a "reflector" strip. When this design first appeared, my first thought was that they had forgotten about the rear end but it eventually grew on me; now with this update, it simply comes off as a last minute addition that it is.

  2. thanks for posting! Funny you mention that as I've actually been working on a full light bar rear end after I did this first chop. I'll post it here a little bit later. I think you'll like that approach. :)

  3. No problem!! Can't wait to see your update....!!!