Sunday, February 21, 2021

What If: The Pontiac Aztek was Redesigned


Personal File: I always enjoy the crazy and creative ideas that TheSketchMonkey produces on his YouTube channel and last week was no exception. For a second time in just over a year he took a stab at fixing the design-challenged Pontiac Aztek. I went back to his first attempt and was inspired to take my own spin on the redesign. The twist with my intepretation was to not only clean up the design but approach a "what if" redesign that focused on more successful design cues from other models in line up.

Execution Highlights

Pontiac Aztek
Pontiac Aztek Redesign
  • Chevrolet Avalance wheel wells, rockers, and lower side trim replaces plastic cladding
  • Pontiac G8 sedan fender vent, door handles, side rear-view mirrors and rims
  • Pontiac Vibe headlights and kidney grilles
  • Custom brushed D-pillar, rear side glass, gas door, rear bumper, upper door lines, new fascia cut lines, lower front bumper and top air intakes
  • Moved Aztek badge to a more traditional location on the driver side front door
  • Recolored the car into something more appealing than ripe banana yellow

Final Thoughts: I think I nailed the look I was going for in the redesign. It wasn't a complete redesign of the vehicle, but simply an update to a cleaner and more polished look Pontiac was finally attempting to create before it was shuttered. If the brand ever comes back, I hope they'll take a second look at the Aztek. While earning the reputation as an ugly duckling, for those who own them they are an extremely capable vehicle.

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