Monday, April 01, 2013

Rendering Comparison: 2014 Volkswagen GTI MCE


Rendering Comparison: So I'm watching last week all of the wonderful images bubbling out of the New York Autoshow and I see that VW is giving the Golf and GTI a nice makeover. I'm impressed it is getting a fresh so quickly.

I was never thrilled with the 2010 GTI refresh as I didn't think the completely blacked out lower grille insert was a great look. I posted that while I loved the car, it would have looked less "heavy" with a color matched lower grille insert.

Now looking at this new GTI refresh in more detail, it slaps me in the face - the color-matched lower grille. Maybe they read my mind - j/k :) It was a quick little chop, but one I was pleasantly surprised to see was actually spot on! :)

2014 VW GTI

Confirmed Edits:

Grille Change Re-colored the grille insert to match body color

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