Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thoughts on 2014 Impala

Personal File: Where to start... I'm a little bit excited and a little bit saddened by the 2014 Impala. I think overall it will be a hit out of the park and a vehicle GM desperately needed (triggering the death of the w-body)! Visually speaking, the front 3/4 is a bold American style with great proportions. As you make your way to the rear end though, things take a decisively bad turn. In what I can only describe as look-a-like syndrome, the rear end looks more like a Hyundai Sonata than an iconic American sedan.

Since I felt that was missing, I wanted to try my hand at bringing in some of that classic/retro American DNA to the rear and and this chop is the result:
  • new trunk and decklid - lowered and reshaped along with trunk lines to give it more of a muscle car look
  • revised tail lights that are longer and revised trunk back - both done to enhance the classic over the Korean look
  • reworked the "quarter panel" crease to flow into the top of the trunk line for a more unified look. Helps give a hint of late 60s Impala as well.
  • revised c-pillar glass trim which now echos slightly the new Camaro
  • angled belt line with door handles down slightly towards the back door which allows it to meet up with the quarter panel crease for better visual flow. Again, his helps hint at the late 60s Impala.
  • Zl-1 Camaro wheels
For grins and giggles I went full-on retro and came up with this version that has the iconic 3-lens tail lights from the early 60s Impalas. A little over the top, yes, but it was fun to play around with the design elements.

What do you think? Are you as disappointed with the rear end of the Impala as I was - especially after how well thought out the front end was designed? Oh - and one last thing - what is up with that steering wheel?

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  1. Wow, Nick!
    Your rear end design DOES look better than GM's rear end design. I especially hate that angled cutline for the trunk. Glad to see that you took care of that rear!

    BTW, liked your re-styling of the Cruze. I hate the current car's headlights!

    1. thank you for your kind comments on both renderings. I was not impressed with the Impala rear and I really hope the Cruze get's something similar to what I've rendered :)

  2. This is an AMAZING re-edit, Nick! The subtle update to the rear 3/4 panel and lights really improve the overall look of the Impala. Great Job!

  3. Thanks justcorey! I appreciate the kind words. I've not been on here for a few years now; maybe I'll find the time to get it going again :D