Monday, September 05, 2011

What If: Dodge Grand Caravan SRT

Dodge Caravan SRT?
Personal File: So I was in the car the other day driving my daughter to dance class and I noticed a new Dodge Grand Caravan R/T on the highway. The man van looks good but could have had more going on outside and under the hood.

I began to wonder how much more aggressive the Caravan could have looked if Dodge had gone all out and created a true SRT version of the van. So I quickly put this together based on some 2012 Charger SRT8 donor bits :)

The Caravan SRT could feature revised side body work, new lower skirts, bigger rims, brakes, and lower profile tires, new exhaust, new front clip, headlights, power dome hood and a twin-turbo Pentastar V6 power-plant for some get up and go.

What do you think? Would you buy this if you had a need for a family hauler? I think I could :)

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  1. It's freakin' great, dude!!!

  2. I have a Dodge caravan R/T 2011 and this is actually what i'm looking for :)

  3. thanks for your feedback - it would be a fun "man van" :)

  4. Creative! Only one thing. Instead of making it a Grand Caravan SRT8, how about making it a Grand Caravan SRT10 with the Viper engine! The one from JEGS with 800 horsepower would probably make your heart race!