Friday, August 26, 2011

What if GMC received a Canyon based on the new global mid-size truck platform?

GMC Canyon?
Personal File: I really like the new Chevrolet Colorado Concept revealed this year at the Bangkok International Auto Show. I don't yet know if it will make its way to North America, but I have been wondering what if they created a GMC counterpart. I would assume the Canyon brand name would be kept and the vehicle would integrate design cues found on GMC XD, Granite and All Terrain concepts shown over the past few years.

I've been contemplating doing a chop of this for a while and my brother finally convinced me to put my thoughts down "on paper". Using the GMC Granite as the main donor base, I combined its GMC cues onto the Chevrolet Colorado concept. The results of which I think look outstanding! What do you think? Should GM build a new Canyon on the global mid-size truck platform?

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  1. Nice work Nick, very nice work. They should bring it over as long as they can make a compelling marketing case between the base Sierra and this. Price is a hard one given that base full size trucks can go quite low but with a diesel (already developed for Asian markets) and some more aggressive styling (like what you put up), there is market. Thanks for your time and effort.

  2. thanks for your feedback! I agree that the Big 3 discount the lower end base trucks to a point that it is almost silly to consider a "mid-size" truck for similar money, but I still think there is a market for this size vehicle. I hope we get at least the new Colarado.

  3. I'd like to buy that truck with a solid 4 cylinder duramax turbo diesel. Tell you what GM, I'm looking at plunking $25,000+ on a Toyota 4x4 Truck. You build that blue one with turbo diesel I'd buy it instead. Really want to buy American but GM design and quality and direction is not listening to the customer and your products tend to go sideways rather than truly innovate. It's like your run by a bunch of 85 year old indecision makers. Thank you GM for listening (?).