Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thoughts on the Chevrolet Traverse (updated)

Chevrolet Traverse
Personal File: I can't help it. Every time I see a new Chevrolet Traverse I want to smack the designers who approved that rear end upside the head. The crossover design is overall very well done for a vehicle this large but they really missed the mark on the rear end. Largely void with uninspriring tail lights that sit far too high on the rear fenders, it looks sorely out of touch with the rest of the design.

After seeing more and more of these pop up around my area, I couldn't help but come home last night and raid some Equinox bits for the liftgate handle and license plate holder, lowered the rear fenders, adjusted the side rear glass, hand brushed the lower bumper, and cleaned up the tail lights by adding LTZ style treatments to match the Malibu. While the changes are not drastic, they really help punch up the rear end design and give the vehicle a clean and interesting view.

What do you think - better or worse?

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  1. just revised this to add back and reposition the lower latch release on the tail gate. Thank you to everyone for the feedback this looks much more user friendly!

  2. Would love some before and after with your work. I like the standard back end. The Traverse has more of a sweep to it and the Equinox has more of a hard line. Not sure combining the two works.

  3. Hi Chris thanks for the comments. The original image can be found here here. I really didn't touch the sheetmetal other than reshuffling bits and pieces and grafting on Equinox bits.