Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chevrolet Cruze Sports Tourer - where is my wagon?

Chevrolet Cruze Sports Wagon
Personal File: Now that the Paris Auto Show has completed, I wanted to take a stab at one of the most promising but underdelivered concepts of the show - the Chevrolet Cruze hatchback. As much as I wanted to like the hatch (it was better looking than the Cruze sedan), I just couldn't get over the decision to do a hatchback over a wagon.

So what is a guy like me to do? You guessed it - make one. Taking the same platform as the hatchback concept shown at Paris, I stretched the body slightly past the rear wheels and added a donor wagon top from the new 2011 Astra Sport Tourer. The pieces easily fit into the existing Cruze body lines, and in fact, seemed to improve the overal look of the car's profile. I also touched up the front end by making the grille more like the Equinox, raising the front hood crease, and squaring up the weird headlight assemblies. The result is a front end that is crisper and cleaner.

Now this is a Cruze that I would actually want to drive! What do you think?

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  1. I was instantly excited when I saw your rendering, only to realize its not a real prototype. The hatchback is a start but this would be a neat vehicle. Great work.

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet
    Indianapolis, IN

  2. Thanks Chris :) I really wish they would consider a wagon. We'll be lucky to even get the hatchback.

    At various points in time this model line had a coupe, convertible, sedan, wagon, and 3-door hatch variants.