Sunday, December 13, 2009

My wish list for the 2011 Buick Regal

Buick Regal
Personal File: I recently read on GMInsideNews that production of the Buick Regal will be moving to Oshawa Canada starting in 2011. This is great news as there is a possibility that the vehicle could receive a few more Buick design cues. The only major change moving it from Opel to Buick for 2010 was the grille change.

In the hope that something more may come of this production switch, I wanted to put together a "wish list" of items I feel would truly integrate the Regal for Buick North America.

Edits include:

  • Revised profile - sweep-spear profile added similar to LaCrosse and the Opel downturning swoosh in the front door has been removed
  • Revised tail lights - to reflect similiarly, but not exactly, to the LaCrosse
  • Redefined trunk cutline - this is just a pet peeve of mine! The current trunk line is very awkward so I tried to adjust it to a more pleasing line that extends up from the bumper cover trim/cut line until it reaches the back window glass
  • Revised trunk chrome bar/badges - cut off parts of both sides of the chrome bar that extended into the lights and slightly moved badging to further bring similiarty to the LaCrosse
  • New wheels - the current wheels are terribly drab so I grabbed the wheels from the LaCrosse concept for proof of concept.

Now I think it looks like a proper Buick! What do you think?

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