Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kia Cadenza - who put your badge on outside of your grille?

KIA Cadenza
Personal File: KIA has developed a great new design language that is punctuated with its dog-bone grille with a large KIA logo centered inside.

Well maybe not ... I see that KIA released images of the new Cadenza sedan and what happened to the logo? It is sitting on the hood! What were they thinking? I had to put it back where it belonged ... take a look above.

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  1. This looks much, much better. I honestly hadn't noticed before, and now its driving me nuts!

  2. Thanks for the feedback and sorry to point that out to you but it looked very odd to me.

  3. Ahh its ok
    BTW, this is Sir. CR from CAR and jmlee from GMI

  4. I actually like the logo above the grill. Mercedes Benz used to do that.