Friday, June 12, 2009

Lexus IS-F Convertible: BMW M3 Killer Lexus Should Build

Lexus IS-F Convertible
From Edmunds InsideLine: DETROIT — Lexus has never been shy about mimicking its competition. And its most recent form of flattery is the introduction of its "F" performance sub-brand. The first salvo is the 416-horsepower IS-F sedan, a direct competitor for compact German sport sedans such as the Audi S4/RS4, BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Following BMW and Audi's lead, Lexus could produce an F version of its recently unveiled 2010 IS convertible.

True, IS-F sedans aren't exactly flying off of dealer lots; the company has sold 445 from January of this year through June 5. But it has been critically well received and buyers have shown a willingness to pay full price for them. What Lexus is most closely focused on, no doubt, is how direct competitor/inspiration BMW is doing with its M3 convertible.

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UPDATE: The link to this article no longer exists as Edmunds' Inside Line was discontinued in 2013. You can still view the original article via the Wayback Machine.


  1. Mr Wilcox,
    I enjoy the renderings you do. You really do a fantastic job! I'm the guy who's left a comment on both the Maxima headlight & the Camaro T-Top. Your rendering of the Lexus IS-F Convertible looks great! I do have a couple of gripes-- not with your rendering but with Lexus. The rear (trunk lid area) part of the convertible is too thick. It's not that thick on the sedan. It's not as nice as the Infiniti G37 Convertible. Lexus could've tapered it. Also, the hood bulge on the IS-F is just wrong. They could've set it back, couldn't they, like Cadillac's CTS-V? That, too me, would've looked much nicer. Or they could've done some hood treatment similar to BMW's M3 Coupe & Sedan. Oh well...
    Keep up the great job!!

  2. thank you for your kind words and thanks for posting. I think the issues you have with the trunk and hood are more of working with the realities of the 'hard points' of the original platform. I'm sure they did as much as they could with what they were given. It could have looked far worse!

    I do have to point out that I'm not a big fan of not quite vertically stacked exhaust pipes - unique for sure - but kind of weird on a car like this.