Sunday, May 10, 2009

Should the G8 become the Chevy Camaro SS Sedan?

Chevy Camaro SS Sedan
From Edmunds StraightLine: Yeah, you read that right, Chevrolet Camaro SS Sedan. If there can be a BMW M3 sedan why not a four-door Camaro?

The Camaro and the G8 already share a platform and although their engines aren't exactly the same they're pretty close. Leave the Impala for family duty and keep the rebadged G8 what it should be -- a full fledged sport sedan.

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UPDATE: The link to this article no longer exists as Edmunds' Inside Line was discontinued in 2013. You can still view the original article via the Wayback Machine.


  1. Um, not sure I agree with turning the G8 into a 4 door Camaro. How about turning it into a Nova or a Chevelle? I remember seeing some 4 door Novas & my uncle had a 4 door Chevelle. Either one would be great with an "SS" badge.

  2. Yeah I would go for "Chevelle" since, as you said, the Chevelle had so many variants... coupe, sedan, wagon, and truck (el Camino) if I'm not mistaken :)

    The name would go well I think keeping the animal theme established with the Impala